Ûvatha the Horseman, Ninth of the Nine Nazgul


Uvatha the Horseman Nazgul
By: Liz Danforth (1987)

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Race: Variag
Profession: Warrior/Fighter
Home: Khand, later Minas Morgul/Mordor and Dol Guldur

- Lance (Horse-Tamer), a horse-slaying lance made of red Narig wood from Nûrag
- Bow ("Stormless Bow"), a bow that fires arrows that strike as if fired from a heavy crossbow.
- Helm ("Listening Helm"), a helm with gold-inlays that is shaped like a bat. The wearer has certain abilities related to bats like enhanced hearing.
- Morgul Knife

He is also called Lord of the Variags, the Slayer, the Ninth, the Long Rider.

Ûvatha the Horseman was born in the caves of Olbamarl as Ûvathar Achef in 1970 of the Second Age. His father was an exiled Variag prince from Eastern Khand. The young man shared the uncertainty and pain of his family´s exile and continous flight and the nomadic live hardened him for the challenges and trials to come. He killed a man before the age of seven and he rode a horse earlier than any man in Khand. At the age of eighteen, he led the light cavalry and horse archers of his father´s rebel army at the battle of Noz Peka, where his charge against the King´s Guard of the enemy decided the battle and restored his family to the throne of Upper Khand.

His father died at this battle, so the brother of his father, his uncle, took the throne. Ûvatha, however, was ordered executed according to Variag laws, but he managed to escape and rode west to Sturlutsa Khand, the main capital of the people of Lower Khand. There, he obtained the support of King Ûrig Ûrpof, the Lord of most of the Variag people. He was appointed Warlord of the main Variag army and executed the Ûrpof Dinasty the following year. With the might and the power of Lower Khand, he crushed the army of Upper Khand in the year 2000 of the Second Age, uniting the Variag people for the first time.

Two years later, he accepted a Ring of Power as a gift from Mordor, becoming the ninth of the nine Nazgûl in the service of the Lord of Mordor.

Mordor had always been an important ally of Khand, however with the rise of Ûvatha, the Variags became one of the most important and useful tools in the conquests of the Dark Lord. Until the end of the Second Age, the Variag extended their rule to the north and to the south, finally battling with the Númenorians for the hearts of the Harad´s Merchant Princes.

In the year 3252 of the Second Age, he assisted Ren the Unclean and the people of Chey with his main army in the brutal conquest of the people of Kargaris Ahar. However, upon returning to Khand, Sauron surrendered to the might of Númenor and the Variag King hid in his secretive hold at Olbamarl.

Also later, in the battle of Dagorlad and in the Third Age, he was always a very useful servant to his master. Being the King of Khand, he ensured the rule of the Dark Lord in this dark and brutal land until the end of the Third Age, when he passed into the Shadows, never to return, when the Ring of Power was destroyed in Mount Doom.

Uvatha the Horseman Nazgul Trading Cardgame
By: Liz Danforth (1995)