Third Age Total War crash on startup


Third Age Total War crash on startup

Have you also experienced that you are
starting Third Age Total War, the initial screen loads
but then it goes dark and back to the desktop?

My system:
Medieval 2 Total War 1.3.
Medieval 2 Total War Kingdoms 1.05.
Windows 8
Third Age Total War 3.2.
No submods
No steam

A community user at twcenter had the following solution, that helped me as well and that I wanted to share in here. The problem may be your launcher.exe in SEGA/Medieval 2 Total War/

First step is to download the following file:
The launcher also requires NET 4.0.

They are both fast to download, less than 1MB each.

Next step is to extract the and to copy it in the following folder: SEGA/Medieval II Total War/
The point is to replace the old Launcher.exe

Do not forget to install the NET 4.0. file as well.

Next step is to start by clicking the Medieval 2 Total War start icon on your desktop. Then a windows with the mods will open, you can choose one from the list. Chance is that you cannot find Third Age Total War there, so you need to rename one of the mod folders in the following folder
SEGA/Medieval II Total War/mods

Rename for example "teutonic" to "teutonic_original" and "Third_Age_3" to "teutonic".

Final step is to click on the Medieval 2 Total War start icon again and then to choose the mod teutonic; then Third Age will start.

Happy gaming!