Third Age Total War Arnor - faction review!


Third Age Total War Eriador & Arnor - faction review!

Short summary:

Difficulty: VH/VH
Which mod version? TATW 3.2.
Was it difficult to play? Average.

You start with one of the most beautiful factions that there is, since the mod team relaunched Eriador and added a full Arnor roster. Both Eriador and Arnor have beautiful units:

Eriador: Militia Archers
Militia Archers Eriador

Arnor: Knights
Arnor Knights

This faction is so amazing that you end up playing that faction again and again, although you already know it by heart. Important reason is the beauty and the detail of the units.


You start with weak to average units. Your infantry and your archers mostly can fight and survive against an orc army from Angmar (which is the main opponent in turn 1-40), due to the fact that you have excellent Dunédain Bodyguard Cavalry that can compensate for the weakness of your infantry.

However, later on you might fight a war against Isengard and then the difficulties start. The more advanced Isengard units are so powerful and well-armoured that they crush your infantry, especially if they outnumber you. Trying to get behind enemy lines with your Bodyguard Cavalry in order to charge in the back may turn out to become quite difficult, because the AI has improved so much that an average enemy army usually keeps some anti-Cavalry units behind the lines in reserve in order to counter your Cavalry.

The alternative is to transform into Arnor around turn 60-80.

Next question:

How do I reunite Arnor?

You need to be allied to Gondor,
capture Hoarwell, Tharbad and Coldfells
and build the house of Kings in Annuminas. In order to build
the house of Kings, you need to grow the settlement population of
Annuminas to around 15 000. Conclusion: keep down the taxes on a low level in that settlement!
Also, you need to retain control of the provinces/settlements
that you had from the start.

As soon as you meet the requirements, you will be able to choose if you want to reunite Arnor and then you will get an excellent unit roster that will enable you to deal with Isengard and even Mordor.

Battling Mordor

Later on, as soon as you have defeated Isengard, you might end up helping Rohan in their last fight for survival against Mordor, after several invasions from the Evil factions. That will be a step by step war from now on, with Mordor throwing terrible full stack Uruk and Troll armies against your Dunédain and Men from the North.

Third Age Total War battle for Rohan

In the end, you might prevail and throw back Mordor to the Anduin, but only after a very hard fight, read more here about that fight!