Ren the Unclean, Eighth of the Nine Nazgûl


Ren the Unclean Nazgul
By: Liz Danforth
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Race: Chey
Profession: Illusionist/Mage
Home: Ulk Chey Sart, later Barad Dûr and Minas Morgul/Mordor

- Two-Handed-Sword ("Burning Blade"), forged in Angband in the First Age.
- Bow ("Believers Bane")
- Helm of Sen Jey
- Morgul Knife

He is also called Ren the Unclean, Ren the Insane, the Fireking and the Eighth of the Nine Nazgûl.

Ren the Unclean was born in Ulk Jey Ama in 1969 (Second Age) in the eastern Ered Harmal.

He was the son to Sen Jey, the Illusion-weaver and he grew up amongst illusionists and enchanters close to the magical springs of Fog. When the 18-year old illusionist went east to visit his uncle, he met the woman he soon would marry in the year 1992 (Second Age). Her name was Elyen.

They returned to Ulk Jey Ama in 1994 (Second Age) and raised two children, a son, Fen, and a daughter, Fyen.

They remained in a cool mountain town for four years, until the plague swept through the town. Ren fell ill and the severity of the illness twisted his mind. Although he survived, he felt superior to other men and began talking about himself as the Fire King, the son of the exalted volcano, Ulk Chey Sart.

Horrified, Elyen sought to help his husband and cure his mind with the aid of healers. However, he went on a pilgrame to the volcano and gathered there a cult of followers. 1999-2000 (Second Age), he declared himself Overlord of Chey and attacked the Variag and Nuriag tribes that were living in the north of Chey. By the end of 2000, he was truly King of Chey.

Map of the Chey Kingdom:
The Chey Kingdom

The Dark Lord Sauron had observed his march and his conquests and offered him a Ring of Power, seeing great potential in Ren to be a tool of power and conquest. Ren accepted the Ring and became the Eighth of the Nine Nazgul.

Thereafter, Unbelievers in the Kingdom died in countless purges and the already weakened population fell in number by a third. During the First Chey Expansion (2155-2693 Second Age), his mounted warriors conquested Kargaris Ahar, Heb Araan and other realms. During the Second Chey Expansion (2899-3261 Second Age), Vaag, Acaana and other territories were conquered and the Kingdom of Chey Sart became a truly massive empire.