Profiles of the 9 Nazgûl


We have assembled comprehensive profiles of the mysterious Nazgûl, the Ringswraiths of Sauron. Who are they? Who is the Witch-King who stroke down Théoden at the battle of the Pelennor Fields? Who are the others? Were they humans altogether? When did they live? Was there a female Nazgûl?

Iron Crown Enterprises provided very good profiles in their source books for the Middle Earth Roleplaying System:

The First was Tindomul, the Witch-King, a fallen Númenorean
The Second, Khamul the Black Easterling, a Womaw/Avaradan from the eastern coasts of Endor
The Third, Dwar of Waw the Dog-King who came from southeasternmost Endor
The Fourth was Indur Dawndeath, the Shadow of the South, a Kiran from Korlan in southernmost Endor, later Amaru in Mumakan
The Fifth, Akhorahil, a Black Numenorean and Mage who reigned in southwestern Endor
The Sixth, Hoarmurath of Dir, the King of Urd who came from the forest of Urd in northcentral Endor
The Seventh was Adunaphel, the Lady of the West, a female Black Númenorean noble who build a small empire in Harad
The Eighth, Ren the Unclean, an insane Enchanter and Chey from Ulk Chey Sart, close to Khand
The Ninth, Uvatha the Horseman, a Variag, King of Khand and of the Variags who fought alongside Ren the Unclean