Indûr Dawndeath, Fourth of the Nine Nazgûl


Indur Dawndeath Nazgul
By: Liz Danforth

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Race: Kiran
Profession: Mage
Home: Koronande/Korlan in southernmost Endor, then
Amaru in Mûmakan, later Minas Morgul/Mordor

He is also called Shadow of the South, the Cloud-Lord and the Fourth of the Nine Nazgûl.

Indûr Dawndeath was born Jí Indûr in Korlan 1955 (Second Age). Being a heir to one of the most powerful families of Koronande, he was the youngest governor ever elected in one of the six districts of Koronande. Later, he became a member and powerful representative of the 12-member assembly of Koronande. There, the young Merchant-Lord lobbied for a stronger opposition against Númenor because he feared to loss of commercial interests in the Bay of Usakan and a threat to his people´s independence, especially from the númenorian colony of Tantûrak, founded around 1300 (Second Age).

He slowly gathered more support from wealthy merchants and warrior in Koronande and even the Eldar in the region were not unwilling to support his aspirations, because they were afraid that the growing prejudice of the Númenorians towards the First Born would lead to war some day.

Thus, Indûr made himself the first King of Korlan with the help and support of key figures. However, hundreds of freedom-loving Kiran resisted this move and perished in civil unrest and rebellion that followed this event.

When the Númenorians gained more power in the region, Tantûrak and the young Kingdom of Korlan where coming close to a war. However, Indûr had to realize that a war against the enormous military might of Númenor was not popular at all amongst his people, so after immense pressure, he had to flee to Mûmakan. There, Sauron´s agents offered him refuge and when Sauron offered the exiled king a Ring of Power and the throne of Mûmakan, the Mûmakani were doomed. 2001 (Second Age), he received the Ring of Power and later the same year, captured the throne for his Evil Master.

Jí Indûr was crowned Jí Amaav II of Mûmakan and seized control of the troubled nation. Ruling from the holy city of Amaru, he united the semi-nomadic tribes and planned for further conquest. His reign lasted 1261 years, during which most of the southern Archipelago was conquered and brought under the reign of the Dark Lord.

Map of the Mûmakan and surrounding areas:

However, Mûmakan´s expansion to the west proved unsuccessful at the hands of the Ardan Council, the Adan, Elves and Kirani that lived to the west.

Indûr´s next move was to form an alliance with Tantûrak and to promote their call for independence from Númenor, thus greatly reducing the influence of the Númenorians in the region.

Ar-Pharazon, the Golden King of Númenor, terminated the independence of Tantûrak and the reign of Indûr in 3262 (Second Age). His invasion of Endor brought most of the former colonies and holdings back to Númenor.

Númenor perished 3319 (Second Age) and for the remaining 121 years of the Second Age, Indûr fought the last Alliance of the Elves and Men.