Er-Mûrazôr (Tindomul) the Witchking, First of the Nine Nazgûl


The Witchking
By: Liz Danforth (1987)

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Race: Black Númenorians
Profession: Sorcerer/Mage
Home: Armenelos & Romenna in Númenor, later Barad-Dur in Mordor, Carn-Dum in Angmar and Minas Morgul in Ithilien

- Nallagurth ("Death´s Proclaimer"), the terrible mace that he used to crush the shield and arm of Eowyn. Elf- and Manslaying mace that was forged iin Utomno of black Eog.
- Vasamacil ("Blade-eater"), a sword that was forged in Thangorodrim (in the realm of Morgoth of old). The swords shatters weapons that parry its blows.
- Crown, ("Crown of Angmar"), a simple, enchanted crown, it is the symbol of the King of the North.
- Morgul Knife

Er-Mûrazôr ("The Black Prince") is also called Lord of Morgul, the Wraith-King, the Witch-King of Angmar and Lord of the Nazgûl.

Er-Mûrazôr was the most gifted and powerful of the many great Lords of Westernesse. Although only a prince, he outshone many of the Kings of Númenor, with the exception of only a few. In the end, he lived longer than any of the Adan sons. His tale covers over 6 500 years and is one of the greatest tragedies of Mankind.

He was born in the year 1820 of the Second Age and was the Second son of King Tar-Ciryatan and the younger brother of Tar-Atanamir the Great. Thus, he traced his lineage to the first King of Númenor, Elros Tar-Minyatur. His mother gave him the name Tindomul ("Twilight son"), for he was born during a solar eclipse and his hair was darker than any she had ever seen.

Like his brother, the proud and greedy heir to the throne, he supported his father´s ambitions who desired an increased exploitation of Middle-Earth. Tir-Ciryatan sought great wealth and send his enormous fleets in order to demand tribute from the people of Middle-Earth. Er-Mûrazôr and his brother both witnessed when their father forced their grand-father from the throne of Middle-Earth. However, Er-Mûrazôr was not to be the King of Númenor, what he desired greatly. Thus he become an aggressive, fiery and jealous Númenorian of great power, with hatred and unbound desire in his heart.

In order to create an empire for himself, he assembled a small fleet and set sail for Middle-Earth in the year 1880 of the Second Age. In the year 1882 S.A., he proclaimed himself king in Umbar. Although he managed to rule a small empire for a year, his father ordered him to return to Númenor. He refused his father´s order, but did not dare to hold on to his Kingdom, fearing the wrath of his father. Instead, he followed an invitation from the "Lord of the Gifts", Sauron in Mordor, in 1883 Second Age, to come to Mordor. Due to his enormous powers, he rose to become the most trusted and powerful lieutenant of the Dark Lord and accepted a Ring of Power in S.A. 1998.

the Witchking in Gorgoroth
By: Angus McBride